Webinar date: 18 March 14:30 - 15:30

The Dutch population is in favor of solar energy, the sector has professionalized and in 2014 the Dutch solar market boomed again, breaking through the 1 GWp threshold of installed solar capacity. The country is expected to double its installed PV power within two years and massive 10+ MW projects are being set up. 

What is happening in the Dutch solar market and what will the future bring? As a prequel to the conference "The Solar Future Netherlands" (27 May 2015) we will host a free webinar in which two keynote speakers will provide an overview of the potential of the Dutch solar market. 



During the webinar you will get in-depth analyses from and a unique chance to ask your questions directly to the following experts:

Edwin Koot - CEO, Solarplaza

Edwin Koot has been active in the Solar Energy business since 1994. Through his own companies Ekomation and Easysolar Edwin built up a lot of practical knowledge about the Dutch national situation and the international solar energy market.With the foundation of his company Solarplaza in 2004, Edwin started building a broad information platform focused on the international solar energy market and the expansion of his large network of contacts and relations. By organizing international conferences and trade missions to production facilities; publishing in-depth market reports and supporting businesses in finding valuable contacts, Solarplaza has positioned itself as an important player in the PV industry.

Prof. Wim Sinke - Programme Development Manager Solar Energy, ECN

Wim Sinke studied physics at the University of Utrecht and did PhD research at the FOM-Institute AMOLF in Amsterdam (PhD in 1985). After working at Hitachi in Japan as a postdoc and subsequently at AMOLF, Sinke moved to ECN in 1990, where he still works. Wim Sinke has quite a few current positions, all part-time: Manager Program Development at ECN Solar Energy, Director of the TKI Solar Energy (the national Dutch innovation partnership on PV), professor at the University of Amsterdam, researcher and advisor at AMOLF, and Chairman of the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform. Everything Wim Sinke did professionally since 1980 has been related to solar energy.

Peter Segaar - Market Research, Polder PV

Peter Segaar - promoted biologist, tenant and owner of four solar panels since 2000 - has been administrating and updating the independent website Polder PV since 2004. This is were he publishes critical analyses, facts & figures and detailed graphs about the developments in the Dutch and foreign solar markets. In March 2012 Segaar published a fourth extensive market analysis on the Belgian solar market at Solarplaza.