The venue for The Solar Future NL is

Jardin d’Hiverre, Bomencentrum Nederland

Just outside quiet Baarn, on the edge of a luscious nature area, lie the 25-acre grounds of a very special initiative: Bomencentrum Nederland ('Tree centre Netherlands'). This endeavour was founded in 1985 and, under the leadership of Ing. Hans R. Blokzijl, developed itself into a diverse, green and climate neutral enterprise.

A focus on the tree as a source of life, sustainable beauty and inspiration for mankind. That is the core of Hans Blokzijl's ideology and entrepreneurial efforts. That is also how the idea of the Green Pavilion was conceived. A unique and diverse structure, designed according to the principles of Feng Shui, with harmony with and love for nature as vital principles. The Green Pavilion is situated in a beautiful park with meandering creeks and flows of water.

Over half a million people have become acquainted with and have enjoyed the diverse facilities of the unique Green Pavilion, situated on the premises of Bomencentrum Nederland. In its 15 years of existence, the Pavilion has grown out to become a widely appreciated and nationally recognized event location.

Passionate owner Hans Blokzijl kept his ear on the market, however, and found that the need for an even larger location on the premises was growing. Enthusiastic and inventive as ever, he decided to realize a magnificent new building on the waterfront for groups of 100 to 500 persons: Jardin d'Hiverre®, surrounded by a 25.000 square meters sized idea park.

Bomencentrum Nederland

Zandheuvelweg 7
3744 MN Baarn

035 - 646 02 00
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