Top 35 - Biggest Solar PV Projects in the Netherlands

At Solarplaza it is always an honour to write an article regarding our home country’s solar market, however, we now have more than enough reasons to sing the praises of the Dutch PV market. During 2014, the Dutch solar market broke through the 1 GWp threshold of installed solar capacity. Apart from a growing number of small-scale roof installations, a few large scale projects were installed and gained a foothold in Solarplaza’s ever growing list of Biggest Dutch Solar Projects. Check out the Top 10, read the article to download the full list (see the bottom of the article for instructions), and get a complete grasp of the major installations in The Netherlands.

# Name Size Link
1 Floriade 2,287kWp More info
2 Solarpark Azewijn 1,800kWp More info
3 Venco Campus 1,628kWp More info
4 Hitachi Data Systems 1,606kWp More info
5 Landgoed Scholtenszathe 1,334kWp More info
6 Amsterdam ArenA 1,128kWp More info
7 Heineken Brouwerij 908kWp More info
8 IKEA 854kWp More info
9 Zonnepark Ouddorp aan Zee 810kWp More info
10 Nationaal Militair Museum 810kWp More info
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Newcomers in the Top 10
New to our list this year are the installations at positions 10, 8, 6, and 5. These new installations show us three trends in the market.
Firstly, we are extremely pleased to see that in the construction plans of new buildings, the inclusion of a solar roof is becoming the new standard. Not only has the recently opened National Military Museum in Soest instituted the utilization of solar panels, but the giant retail chain IKEA has incorporated solar panels in their building plans as well.
Secondly, it has also become a trend to install solar panels on soccer stadiums, such as the Kyocera stadium in Den Haag and the Euroborg in Groningen. The Amsterdam ArenA with a capacity of 1.1 MWp is the representative stadium that has made it into our Top 10.
Lastly, we are glad to note the rise in solar installations occurring when industrial farmers renovate and remove asbestos from their roofs. Landgoed Scholtenszathe is the prime example for this scenario with 1.3 MWp of installed capacity, generating 3x the farm’s consumption while feeding the excess energy into the grid.

Positions 4 to 2
These top positions are reserved for some of the more senior projects. Number 4, the Hitachi Data Systems office in Zaltbommel is home to a 1.6 MWp installation developed by Oskomora, the only developer named twice in this Top 10. Number 3 is the smart and durable Venco Campus home to the same capacity, developed by AliusEnergy. Number 2 is only the second field mounted system in this Top 10. The Solarpark Azewijn is developed by Pfixx Solar and is home to 1.8 MWp of installed capacity.

Who challenges the number 1?
During 2014, the Floriade roof installation remained unchallenged and has been on top of our list since its installation in 2002. However, recent studies predict the Dutch market to double its installed PV capacity over the next two years, and this year is the first time that there have been several 6+ MW parks announced. Please stay tuned for our upcoming list of major Dutch projects announced in order to stay informed about pending developments.

Location: Haarlemmermeer
Size: 2,287kWp
Type: Roof
Owner: Nuon
Operating since: 2002
Energy generation: 1,230,000 kWh/yr
Developer: Siemens
Module Manufacturer: Shell Solar
Location: Klazienaveen
Size: 1,334kWp
Type: Roof
Owner: Landgoed Scholtenszathe
Operating since: 2014
Energy generation: 1,300,000 kWh/yr
Developer: Groenleven
Module Manufacturer: -
Location: Ouddorp
Size: 844kWp
Type: Field
Owner: Deltawind
Operating since: 2012
Energy generation: 787,000 kWh/yr
Developer: VDH Solar
Module Manufacturer: Suntech
Location: Azewijn
Size: 1,800kWp
Type: Field
Owner: Pfixx Solar
Operating since: 2011
Energy generation: 1,600,000 kWh/yr
Developer: Pfixx Solar
Module Manufacturer: GS Solar
Location: Amsterdam
Size: 1,128kWp
Type: Roof
Owner: Nuon
Operating since: 2014
Energy generation: 930,000 kWh/yr
Developer: Oskomera
Module Manufacturer: JA Solar
Location: Soest
Size: 810kWp
Type: Roof
Owner: Nationaal Militair Museum
Operating since: 2014
Energy generation: 750,000 kWh/yr
Developer: Heijmans / Eneco
Module Manufacturer: -
Location: Eersel
Size: 1,628kWp
Type: Roof
Owner: Venco Group
Operating since: 2012
Energy generation: 1,456,000 kWh/yr
Developer: AliusEnergy
Module Manufacturer: Trina Solar
Location: Den Bosch
Size: 908kWp
Type: Roof
Owner: Heineken Group
Operating since: 2013
Energy generation: 855,000 kWh/yr
Developer: SolarAccess
Module Manufacturer: REC Solar
Location: Zaltbommel
Size: 1,606kWp
Type: Roof
Owner: Hitachi Data Systems
Operating since: 2013
Energy generation: 1,540,000 kWh/yr
Developer: Oskomera
Module Manufacturer: JA Solar
Location: Zwolle
Size: 854kWp
Type: Roof
Owner: IKEA
Operating since: 2015
Energy generation: 800,000 kWh/yr
Developer: Ikaros Solar
Module Manufacturer: Solar Frontier

Full list
In typical Solarplaza fashion, we did not stop with a Top 10, and have in fact made an extended list of projects ranging from a capacity of 200 to 750 kWp. This is freely available to you upon leaving your contact details.

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