Reception and registration

Opening & word of welcome by chairman
The 10 years behind us, and the 10 years ahead

Session 1 - Impactful trends
Global perspective on solar industry trends impacting the Dutch PV market

The Dutch solar PV market: Challenges and opportunities for tomorrow

De impact van sterke groei PV op ons elektriciteitsnet

Session 2 - New opportunities
Disruptive changes in the Dutch market

The future of (wholesale) electricity prices in Europe impacting solar development

Operations & Maintenance and portfolio management

Session 3A - Technology & InnovationSession 3B - FinancingSession 3C - Project development

Technical Innovations leading to higher project results

Central versus decentralised inverters

Panel: guarantees and insurances: promise and practice

PPA’s en Juridische aspecten

Innovating solar performance optimization

Panel: Hot topics op het gebied van financiering en investeren

Developing PV-Projects in the Netherlands, legal lessons learnt

Realistic energy-yield and cash flow calculations related to PV projects

Panel: Projectontwikkeling in de praktijk

Session 4 - Vision and inspiration
Keynote: Energy in a future of exponential technological developments

International keynote: future PV market perspectives

PV: 10 Jaar terugkijken en 10 jaar vooruit - the best is yet to come!