Solarplaza to host two seminars during ‘Vakbeurs Energie’

From 9 to 11 October 2018, the 14th edition of the 'Vakbeurs Energie' (Professional Exhibition Energy) will take place in the 'Brabanthallen' in Den Bosch. With over 350 exhibitors, hundreds of informational sessions and thousands of visitors, the 'Vakbeurs Energie' is one of the leading meeting place for energy, construction, manufacturing and mobility sectors. Shifting its gaze to the future, the event is increasing its focus on the topic of scaling the energy transition.

For the second time, Solarplaza will support the ‘Vakbeurs Energie’ by contributing to the seminar program on Tuesday 9 October. Solarplaza will host two dedicated sessions and will be represented at the event by Tom van Dorp and Thomas Boersma.

PV in Practice

The first session that will be set up by Solarplaza, is the ‘PV in Practice’ seminar, taking place on Tuesday 9 October (14:00-16:00). As organizers of the annual ‘The Solar Future NL’ conference, which celebrated its 10th edition this year, Solarplaza has steady footing in the Dutch solar PV market, leading both in expertise on the market and their network of local and international market players. During the ‘PV in Practice’ session, several speakers and panelists will highlight best practices and innovations with regards to project development in the booming Dutch solar market. A market which has been attracting enormous amounts of interest from both domestic and international investors and developers. Our colleague Tom van Dorp will be the chairman of this session and will lead the discussion.

Sessie 01.jpg

Future Grid Seminar

Solarplaza will also host a ‘Future Grid’ Seminar during the ‘Vakbeurs Energie’, focusing on grid innovations, energy flexibility and other topics related to the innovative empowerment of the energy transition. After the successful launch of their new Future Grid event line, with events such as ‘Blockchain2Business’ and the ‘Energy Flexibility Forum’, Solarplaza plans on expanding their activities in this field, with more topics and new conference concepts in the second half of 2018.

The common denominator in all future grid events is their focus on the integration of more renewables into the grid. The growing share of renewable, but intermittent, energy sources such as solar and wind makes it increasingly difficult to balance the grid. Because the power supply of these sources is less stable than that of conventional power sources, there is a rising need for flexibility on the demand side. The Future Grid Seminar during the ‘Vakbeurs Energie’ will educate the audience on the principles of energy flexibility and show how they can benefit from the wide range of opportunities related to it. Solarplaza’s Thomas Boersma will be chair and lead this deep-dive, which will take place on Tuesday 9 October (10:30-12:00).

Solarplaza at ‘Vakbeurs Energie’

Make sure not to miss out on the ‘PV in practice’ (register) and ‘Future Grid’ (register) seminars during ‘Vakbeurs Energie’ and claim your complimentary ticket for the event. Feel free to reach out to Tom van Dorp ( and Thomas Boersma (, who will be at the event all day on Tuesday 9 October.