Ilén Zazueta-Hall directs Software Product Management for Enphase Energy, leading the design and development of Enphase’s solar monitoring and energy management platform and related applications. Zazueta-Hall has over 15 years of experience designing digital products for consumers, small businesses and enterprises in a range of fields from e-commerce to online publishing. Her responsibilities have included new product development, overseeing product launch and developing business strategies.

Zazueta-Hall holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in humanities from New College of the University of South Florida. When she’s not in front of a computer, she can be found in front of a sewing machine, making costumes.

1 . Since when are you active in PV area, what has been your greatest achievement / learning point / amazing event in this period?

I'm relatively new to PV, my background is primarily in cloud computing and business software. Since starting with Enphase 4 years ago I've learned a tremendous amount about solar, but what has amazed me the most is the rapid changes in the industry. It has been an exciting ride with markets transforming almost overnight. For the software team at Enphase this has meant scaling a solution that was designed to handle gigabytes of data daily to one that can handle terabytes. We're fortunate to have a very talented team of engineers; while solving the challenges of massive data they've also managed to redesign the customer-facing applications (twice!) to meet the changing needs of users and introduce an API so that other developers can engage with the solar data that Enphase systems collect.  

2. What is your vision for the future of the PV market in the Netherlands and what you see as important trends for the next three years ?
Steady increases in energy prices, combined with recent government decisions to stop solar subsidies, make Solar PV a perfect choice. We experienced a very fast growth ourselves: our first Dutch system was installed in March 2012 and after 2 years we celebrated 3,000 installations in the country. The Dutch PV market is a very exciting place where to be, it’s vibrant and growing for both residential and small commercial solar, and it shapes and lead trends before other countries. I think that self-consumption, which for residential can be also translated into a wider concept, the so-called Smart Solar Solutions applied to the “smart home” concept, meaning total integration among energy management, entertainment, safety and security, convenient interfaces, will trend the market. And, on a small scale right now but willing to grow, I see a big potential for Renewable Energy Crowdfunding, which is an incredibly powerful way to spread the green thinking, where individuals pool their money to support renewable energy projects initiated by other people or organizations.

3 . Do you notice clear differences between the Dutch market / companies , in areas such as the motivation of consumers to install solar power how the 'general public ' looks at solar energy and how energy companies position themselves ?)
The Netherlands is definitely experiencing a massive green revolution. I was impressed by the involvement with renewable and by the high collective consciousness and care for the environment. The Dutch are one of the most receptive populations in Europe regarding cleantech energy, and the desire for electricity independence is becoming the main driver for solar adoption in the country. Anecdotally, but this confirms what just said, we get a lot of feedback from our customers in the Netherlands: they are very engaged with their solar systems once installed, checking their energy production regularly and seeing the benefits their systems are providing to the environment.