The Solar Future NL 2016: Prepare for Change
26 May 2016 - Utrecht

The Solar Future NL is the largest networking and inspirational event for solar market leaders in The Netherlands.  Now in its 8th edition, the conference will gather 20+ expert speakers and 150+ attendees from all over the region.

Why attend?


Inspirational event joined by international thought leaders, including Mike Eckhart (Citi Bank) & Michael Liebreich (BNEF)


The ultimate networking platform for market leaders in solar energy since 2008

Top-level delegation of 150+ solar stakeholders

Key event to understand trends in the Dutch market

Who will you meet?

Project developers, EPCs, contractors, manufacturers, real estates, financiers, investors, consultants, wholesalers, distributors, energy utilities, housing associations, municipalities, institutions and end consumers.

Key topics

  • SDE incentives: opportunities and future
  • Innovative financing and business models
  • Latest developments in the residential and commercial segment 
  • The impact of international developments : Module prices to energy price forecasts 
  • Revolutionary developments in battery storage


Date: 9 May 15:00 - 16:00
In anticipation to the conference The Solar Future NL 2016

This (free) webinar, in anticipation of the upcoming 8th edition of the leading Dutch solar PV conference “The Solar Future NL - Prepare for Change”, will discuss the opportunities in the Dutch PV market and is particularly targeted on foreign companies with an interest in the Dutch PV market.

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Session 1: Energy supply in the future

  • Visions on the 2020 Energy Market
  • The German Renewable Energy transition: impact and lessons learned
  • Panel: "The Energy Bill of 2020"

Session 2: The Dutch PV market: update and prospects

  • Global perspective on solar industry trends impacting the Dutch PV market
  • The future of net-metering
  • Panel: Growth Perspectives for the Dutch PV Market

Session 3a: Financing and investment

  • Financial models for profitable PV projects
  • Project financing in practice: project case study
  • Financial panel: New developments in the field of financing and investment

Session 3b: PV in practice

  • Business case of MW-scale ground mounted PV project
  • PV at housing corporations: the win-win case
  • Panel: From SDE+ subsidy to project completion

Session 4: Inspiration for growth

  • Keynote: Paradigm shift: unlocking the 130 Trillion Dollar capital markets for RE finance
  • Keynote: Why EVs will make solar viable without subsidies
  • Expert Panel: The Future of Solar and everything impacting that...

Access the full english programme (including highlighted English sessions) at:


A substantial amount of the programme will include English sessions and simultaneous translation will be available for most of the Dutch-spoken speeches during the event. Moreover, Dutch nationals are known to speak excellent English and you will be able to communicate easily with all attendees. Do not hesitate to contact our international, English-speaking team should you have any questions. Contact us.


The Solar Future NL 2016 will take place in the Mediaplaza, part of the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Media Plaza is one of the most modern and innovative conference and meeting locations in Europe. Media Plaza contains 17 foyers and session rooms. Millions of LED lamps, innovative applications and ultramodern facilities for image projection, sound effects and design give every room a unique character.


3521 AL - Utrecht
Tel: 030 295 59 11

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